6 Quick Tips For Ordering T-Shirts Online

There are many important decisions involved with placing a t-shirt order: what shirt style, what shirt color, what design colors should be used, how many shirts to order, what will the print quality be, and the list goes on. With the rise of e-commerce, people are becoming more comfortable with ordering clothes online, but it’s a little different when your purchase could be an order of $500 and you’re directly responsible for the shirts of 100 people. It can be tricky since you can’t see, feel, or touch each shirt. So, here are 6 quick tips to prepare you for your first order with us.


1. Order from the same manufacturer

Many orders have a combination of men’s, women’s, and youth sizes. There are two key reasons to order all your styles through the same manufacturer.

    • Shirt color variance – Ordering from the same manufacturer will ensure that there is no color variance between styles. For example, ordering a unisex Port and Company PC450 in true royal might not match a women’s Bella + Canvas BC6004 in true royal even though they use the same name designation.
    • Print color variance – Not only can the shirt color vary, but the finished print may look different. Even if both shirts are made of the same material, each manufacturer’s products react slightly different under heat which can cause the ink colors to look different.


2. Need an exact color match?

Some customers have specific brand guidelines that must be met. We can match Pantone colors up to 90%. Pantone matching is $20 per color. If you don’t need an exact match, check out our stock ink colors here!


3. Use caution when ordering ladies cut shirts

There is no difference between unisex and men’s sizes. Many customers prefer to order just unisex shirts to avoid potential sizing issues that come with women’s sizes. A lot of women’s styles run on the smaller side to create a “fitted” or “fashion” fit, meaning the small that you normally wear could be a medium or large in a fashion fit women’s style. If you’re set on order women’s shirts, it might be best to order blank samples to see if it’s the fit you’re looking for.


4. How can you send us your design?

Email! Our art and setup fees are built into the price, so send us whatever you have in mind. We’ll respond with some questions and prepare a digital proof for you to approve.


5. Carefully review the art proof

Always be sure to double-check the digital proof to make sure the shirt color, ink color, art size, art location, spelling, and grammar is correct. We send a payment link for the order with the art proof. When you pay, you are telling us, “Yes, the art is correct and I’m ready for you to move my order into production!”


6. Art to product size ratio

One last tip when ordering custom t-shirts online is to think about the design size to product size ratio. If we receive an order with a range of different sizes, we will scale the design to fit the smallest shirt size and use the same screen to print the rest of the order. This may have a prominent impact if your sizes range from youth extra small to 3XL. If this is concerning, you may order two sizes of art for an extra charge to maintain an approximate ratio across sizes. If your design fits well on all sizes, this extra step is unnecessary.


Let us know if you have any questions about starting your order! Our team is ready to help via email or Facebook Messenger.

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