Creating A Store

Sometimes it can be difficult to get enough people to commit to buying something. Then you have to actually collect the money from them – another hassle. Not to mention you’re also offering multiple shirt styles, a polo, and a hat. You put together an order form and have a spreadsheet that you type orders into as they come in. Once your order has arrived, you have to pass out each person’s order and make sure you give them what they wrote down. Then Stacy approaches you and claims you ordered the wrong size for her…

Why not save yourself the time and hassle and let us set up an online store for you? This option relieves you of creating and collecting order sheets, as well as the stress that comes with it.

Here’s how it works:

  • We take your art and put it on whatever products you would like to offer.
  • Those products will be placed on a customized web store for your organization. Send your customers to the store by sharing the link. There, your customers will select and purchase on the spot whatever apparel they desire.
  • Once the store close date arrives, the store will close and the shirts will go into production.
  • Shirts can be drop-shipped to individuals or sent directly to you to be passed out. For an additional cost, we can even bag individual orders to make handing them out easier for you.



Check out our example store below!



Contact us today to see how we can set a store up for you!